Autonomous tutorials currently offered

Also for this semester, some of your fellow students have made the effort to familiarize themselves with different questions and topics in order to offer them now weekly as an autonomous tutorial. For you, this is the best opportunity to finally catch up with hotly discussed topics, to finally gain a deeper understanding of science and society and to finally gain insights that do not fulfill their purpose with a passed exam.

Autonomous tutorials are dedicated to topics that have no place in the tight curriculum in terms of form and content. They offer the opportunity to pursue one’s own scientific interests in an informal manner and to place them at the center of the discussion. Unfortunately, this is often hardly possible due to the constant pressure of everyday study, but experience has shown that many students who are interested in the topic and who have the time and leisure to devote themselves to it attentively find their way into the tutorials. And especially with more difficult topics, knowledge hierarchies are not played off against each other, but all participants are included.

If you don’t have time on one of the scheduled dates, just contact the tutorial leaders. Sometimes it is possible to change the date in agreement with the participants. Even a later start is no problem. For possible room and date changes, it is best to check here (see below).

We hope for your active interest and look forward to your participation!

If you have general questions about the project, please contact us at If you have questions about the individual tutorials, please contact the respective tutor directly.

Do you want to offer a tutorial yourself? Towards the end of the lecture period, there will be an application deadline announced on posters and on the homepage of the AStA. The submitted concepts will then be anonymized, discussed, and selected by a selection committee appointed by the AStA. All further information can be found on our application overview page.

The Tutorials

The next tutorials will begin in the summer semester. This time again in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt and the University of Marburg. Do you want to offer a tutorial yourself? Please send us your application by 31.03.2021.

Where to find us?

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