Your application for an autonomous tutorial

Within the framework of the Autonomous Tutorials, we are looking for students of all faculties for the next semester, who would like to spend a semester together with fellow students on an academic topic of their choice. The tutorials are intended to provide a space for students to not only set their own priorities according to the content but also to try out other forms of joint discussion. As the leader of a tutorial, you are responsible for working out your topic and structuring the process. The application should be in the form of a concept (2-3 A4 pages), which shows why you are interested in your topic and what kind of knowledge interest you are pursuing. We explicitly do not require that you are already an undisputed expert. Applications with an interdisciplinary topic, for example between technical sciences and social sciences, would be particularly welcome.

Each tutorial will be remunerated with 350 Euro/month for the duration of five months.

The application deadline for Summer Semester 2021 is 31.03.2021.

An application advice session will be offered shortly. If you have any questions or need support in writing your concept, please contact us by mail

If you have already applied in previous semesters and were not accepted, don’t hesitate to apply again with the same application.

We are looking forward to your applications :-)

The following selection criteria are decisive:

  • The selection is made according to the theme and stringency of the submitted concept.
  • The concept should clearly indicate the contents and objectives of the tutorial. A rough sketch of the process pursued theses and questions, as well as a list of the underlying or to be treated literature, should be included.
  • Should meet current scientific requirements.
  • The expected interest of students.
  • Insofar as the concept overlaps thematically with regular teaching content, it should differ in the way it is dealt with.
  • We pay attention to the distribution of the tutorials to as many subject areas as possible.
  • Please do not submit applications for language courses. We do not consider the Autonomous Tutorials to be the appropriate format for language courses.

The following requirements must also be met::

  • Enrolled at Frankfurt UAS.
  • Participation in regular meetings of all tutors.
  • Willingness to support promotional activities (e.g. distributing brochures).
  • The tutorial can be conducted alone or in pairs.
  • Only one application may be submitted.

The application consists of the following documents:

  • Concept (2-3 A4 Pages)
  • Announcement text for the advertising brochure/website (max. half an A4 page)

The concept includes a detailed explanation of your topic and focus, the issues, debates, and questions that arise, and even an approximate schedule. However, experience shows that this is usually difficult to adhere to, so the focus should be on the content. We do not require that you are already an undisputed expert. It is important for us to refer to scientific literature or authors. We are also interested in why you are interested in the topic and what insights you hope to gain for yourself and the participants. Not out of curiosity, but because we believe that the reflection of one’s own relation to the topic is of enormous importance and is largely ignored in the usual university business. However, please do not mention anything that could allow conclusions about your person. Please also write in a few sentences how you imagine your work to be, for example how you think an ideal course of the tutorial could look like and how you want to work towards it. It would be interesting to know how you would like to integrate as many participants as possible with different prerequisites (e.g. by teaching basics) without deviating too much from your thematic interest. This balancing act has been one of the most difficult tasks for many tutors in the past. This does not mean, of course, that you should have a solution at hand. Please also send us an announcement text for the advertising brochure/website to make it clear how you want to arouse the interest of the students. The text of the announcement may overlap with your concept, but it should not so much substantiate your thesis as raise questions and make it clear which research interest you are pursuing.

Here you can find some exemplary applications of the past semesters:

Text Book Die Wissenschaft des Unberechenbaren. 
Text Book I would prefer not to. Politik und Selbstzerstörung in Melvilles Bartleby. 
Text Book Können Naturgesetze lügen?
Text Book Pikettys Kapital im 21. Jahrhundert. 
Text Book Kritik der Autorität. Perspektiven der frühen Frankfurter Schule.
Text Book Mensch Maschine Gesellschaft.
Text Book Right wing women – Zur Rolle von Frauen in der neuen Rechten.
Text BookBig Data – Zwischen utopischen und dystopischen Zukunftsentwürfen.
Text BookRecht auf Stadt – Weg in eine freie Stadt der Zukunft oder bornierter Regionalismus?

If your concept is chosen, you will have the opportunity to follow your topic for one semester together with other fellow students. As a leader of a tutorial, you will mainly have the task of structuring the course of the tutorial and organizing the group process. You also take care of the procurement of literature and other materials. The tutorials are generally not bound to university courses and there are no credit points. Participation is therefore based on interest and voluntariness. Ideally, this results in intensive and highly motivated cooperation, which many students miss in compulsory courses. Usually, a tutorial meets weekly in a relaxed atmosphere in a kind of working group. If you should apply, please keep an appointment for your tutorial available from 16:00 or 18:00.

Application Form

Please make sure that there are no references to your person, no names, or even photos in your concept. The application is only possible online. Simply fill out the online application form, check your details and send it off. Only the title of the concept and the concept itself will be sent to the selection committee.


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