AStA Board

Generally, when using the term “AStA”, it actually refers to the board of directors. According to the statutes of our student body, the AStA (General Students’ Committee) consists of four board members. They appoint a number of speakers to support them.

The board currently consists of the following persons:

Sebastian Bücker

Geodata Management (B.Eng)
Faculty 1

Michele Helms-Brooks
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Social work
Faculty 4

Dennis Pleyer
Board of Directors

Faculty 1

Sascha Hippert
Board of Directors

Business Administration
Faculty 3

At the beginning of each legislature, the board draws up the distribution of areas of responsibility. In the current legislature, it looks as follows.

Sebastian Bücker Michele Helms-Brooks Dennis Pleyer Sascha Hippert
Design Anti-Racism / Anti-extremism Autonomous Tutorials BAföG Advice
Higher Education Policy Anti-Discrimination Environment Events
IT Finance Inclusion Field Trips (Excursion)
Political Education Incubator Social Coaching Semester Ticket Office
PR Internationals Queer Service Point
Real Estate & Technology Culture Shop Sport
Social Counseling      
Where to find us?

Building 5, 1st floor


AStA Frankfurt UAS
Kleiststraße 5
60318 Frankfurt am Main

Board in General
+49 69 1533-2239

 +49 69 1533-3264

Financial Director
 +49 69 1533-3263

Office Hours Management Board

Chairperson: Sebastian Bücker

+49 69 1533-3264

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Michele Helms-Brooks


+49 69 1533-3263

Board Member: Dennis Pleyer

+49 69 1533-2239

Board Member: Sascha Hippert

+49 69 1533-2239