Environmental Department

The Environmental Department is committed to sustainability, climate, nature, and environmental protection. We are committed to the further development of sustainability goals and the implementation of the sustainability strategy at our university, address environmental policy issues and support your commitment to socio-ecological issues. One of our biggest tasks is to promote sustainable thinking and action at our university and at the same time to sensitise students from all departments to environmental issues. We want to provide inspiration on how you can organise your own everyday (study) life in a resource-conserving and environmentally conscious way and where our campus can be made greener and more climate-friendly.

We are currently initiating various projects, networking with sustainability stakeholders both within the university and regionally and organising events for you. If you are interested in a particular topic, would like to attend a workshop, or listen to speakers from theory and practice and ask them questions, get in touch with us. We welcome suggestions and are happy to support your ideas!

Current Projects:

Period product dispensers:

On the women’s toilets on the ground floor of Building 10 (opposite the multi-purpose hall) and Building 4, you will find tampon and sanitary pad dispensers, which we fill with certified organic products.

If the dispensers are empty, please send us an email to umwelt@asta-fra-uas.de

Sustainability pub quiz:

Ponder questions on sustainable topics in a convivial round, puzzle as a team in several rounds and win a prize at the end as the team with the most correct answers.

Next date: end of 2023

Wohere to find us?

Building 5, 1st floor


AStA Frankfurt UAS
Kleiststraße 5
60318 Frankfurt am Main

+49 69 1533-3262