Follow me – Print is a print service run by students for students. It combines student-friendly prices with direct proximity to the campus. In addition to digital printing, copying and scanning you can have your CAD plans and drawings plotted with us at a fraction of the copy shop offers in the immediate vicinity of the campus.

Registration at the AStA Service Point

Our team from the AStA Service Point will take care of the registration for you (red building, 1st floor). For that, we need your Study-Chip which will be linked to your account and can be used from now on (alternatively to an automatically assigned PIN) to log into the Follow me – Print.

Top up credit

In order to be able to execute print jobs, there must be a credit on your Follow me – Print account. Credit vouchers are available for different values at the AStA Shop or online. You can enter the recharge code on one of our printers after registration.

Digital Prints

Using the chip card on the device

  • Hold the card onto the card reader
  • The current credit balance is displayed
  • Start printing, copying or scanning
  • Finish up and logout


In order to print send a PDF from any device (PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet) via email to  Log in with your Study-Chip (hold it to the side of the device) or your PIN via the display of the Follow me – Print printer, select your previously sent file via the print job options and start your print job. Alternatively, you can print your files from a USB stick.


Of course, you can also make regular copies with Follow me – Print. Place your originals in the feeder or on the document scanner and select Quick Copy on the home screen.


If you want to scan your originals, they will be sent to any email address of your choice or the one you provided in your account. Saving scans to a USB stick is also possible.

Large Prints

CAD-Plots & Technical Drawings

Razor-sharp CAD/GIS drawings, printed on special CAD paper, ensure perfect results for your submissions.

Posters and Billboards

Brilliant colours, whether as a simple poster or poster, photo poster, advertising poster or event poster.


You can cut your plans directly on our magnetic cutting board to any size you like. If you encounter any problems, we are happy to help you.

Format Price
A4 b/w 0.04 €
A3 b/w 0.08 €
A4 Colour 0.15 €
A3 Colour 0.30 €
Scan A4 b/w or Colour 0.02 €
Format Price
A2 b/w 0.50 €
A1 b/w 1.00 €
A0 b/w 2.00 €
A2 Colour 1.25 €
A1 Colour 2.50 €
A0 Colour 5.00 €
Format Price
A2 b/w 4.00 €
A1 b/w 8.00 €
A0 b/w 16.00 €
A2 Colour 5.00 €
A1 Colour 10.00 €
A0 Colour 20.00 €

*Fees for recharging via Paypal                     Paypal: 0.50 Euro