Inclusion is for everyone! – We are committed to barrier-free learning:

Everyone has the right to take part in the study and education processes. That is why we, the speakers of the Unit for Inclusion, are committed to barrier-free learning and are working to change the conditions regarding disadvantage and impairment. Educating people on this matter, therefore, plays a major role for us, because inclusion can only work when many people participate.

In case you have physical or mental impairments or a chronic illness, you can always contact us. Together we will look for ways to enable you to study barrier-free. Contact us by email to make an appointment first.

How we want to help you:

  • Advice on compensation for disadvantages and assistance claims.
  • Help with the provision of digitalised (audio) material.
  • Active commitment to constructing barrier-free buildings and the provision of more recreational rooms or rather possibilities to retreat within the university.
  • Strengthening the rights and perception of students with mental and physical impairments and chronic illnesses.

Information for new students:

If possible, contact us ahead of your first semester so that we can make sure for you to participate in lectures, seminars, events and field trips without barriers. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us at any time during the semester.

Advice and tips on how to apply for benefit claims:

To ensure that you receive the necessary support (e.g. assistance) right at the beginning of your studies, you should apply for support at an early stage. The social welfare office responsible for you (main residence) accepts applications for the funding of integration assistance. The processing time can take up to three months and possibly even longer. Therefore, we recommend that you submit your application immediately after enrolment.

You are invited to arrange personal appointments by email:

Where to find us?

Building 5 (Red House), 1st Floor


AStA Frankfurt UAS
Kleiststraße 5
60318 Frankfurt am Main
 +49 69 1533-3262