How can you identify yourself internationally as a student, stroll through the world at low cost and satisfy your shopping needs for a small cent? The answer is one single card:

The ISIC – International Student Identity Card!

It gives you access to exclusive discounts for online shops as well as in shops and restaurants. Partners include STA Travel, McFit, Flixbus, HeidePark, and Microsoft. Become part of the ISIC world and be one of the 5 million cardholders using ISIC at home and on the road, since your ISIC is internationally valid. You can take full advantage of regional discounts in more than 130 countries because your student status is finally recognised abroad with the ISIC.

NEW: The ISIC App with virtual ISIC

Download the free ISIC app on your smartphone and never miss an offer in your area again. The handy map function gives you an overview of offers in your area, no matter where you are. And the virtual ISIC allows you to prove your official student status easily on your smartphone. It couldn’t be simpler.

Apply for your ISIC card now

Here is what you need: An official photo ID, a currently dated proof of enrolment, and a colourful passport photo. The virtual ISIC costs 15,00 Euro and is valid for one year from the date of issue. Do you want an additional ISIC plastic card? No problem, the ISIC can be shipped by mail for an extra charge of 3,00 Euro

Here are some of the benefits:

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