Janina Warschewski Registrator


Hello everybody! My name is Janina Warschewski. I am 25 years old, studying social work in the 6th semester and bio-process engineering in the 3rd semester and I am from Frankfurt. I am really often on campus and if that is not the case, I either move horses around, look after primary school children as part of my work or clean up after my two cats :)

As a secretary, I have let myself be set up primarily in order to allow for more transparency. Until then, I had little experience as a secretary, but I was always annoyed when meetings in general could not be traced by the minutes. I mean, what is the point of writing one?! I hope to live up to this claim and feel very comfortable in my role. Besides, the work of the Presidium is an excellent opportunity to make contacts on campus. In addition I type simply gladly and fast ;-) .

Janina Warschewski

Bio-Process Engineering & Social Work
Faulty 2 & 4