Nextbike is the bike rental system that is run in cooperation between the operator Nextbike and the AStA of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Nextbike is integrated into the semester ticket. Once registered for free, all students of Frankfurt UAS can borrow up to three bicycles as often as they like, one hour at a time at no additional cost, also in other Nextbike cities throughout Germany.

from 61 minutes

100Per 30 Minutes
  • Insider tip: If you take a 15-minute break after 60 minutes, you can borrow up to 3 bikes once again for another 60 minutes. You can repeat that as often as you

up to 60 minutes

000first 60 minutes

Maximum daily rate

500Per Day
  • If you repeatedly or permanently exceed the first free 60 minutes. So you pay a maximum of 5 Euro per day.

1.Registration for Free

2. Rent a Bike

3. Return the Bike