Psychosocial Counseling

Many students feel under immense pressure or feel burdened, partly caused or intensified by stress and fears of seemingly insurmountable study requirements, by financial hardship, or bullying. Relationship crises or a lack of stability with regard to life and career goals can also cause one’s own world to totter. For all these problems, we offer you the first point of contact.

What is  Psychosocial Counseling?

Provided to students by students. We have a sympathetic ear and are happy to listen to your concerns. However, since this is a student consultation service and we advise according to our own knowledge and conscience, we cannot accept any liability for our statements.

Coaching is “a voluntary, time-limited, method-guided, individual counseling that supports the counseled in achieving professional and private goals” (Lieser, 2012).

Individual coaching in everyday study and life issues means reflecting on one’s own problem(s), increasingly understanding it/them and finding a solution.

An essential part is to recognize what the longed-for state should look like.

Knowing your own strengths and opportunities is a further step. Together, we can identify, plan and follow the path to the solution.

We offer advice on:

  1.  Decision-making processes: You don’t know what to do next?
    Sometimes, an impulse from outside can point in the right direction!
  1.  Stress Management: Do you feel stressed by your studies, your job, and upcoming exams? Are you simply overwhelmed?
  1.  Interpersonal conflicts: Are there any conflicts with others that bother you? Are you in a crisis (with your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.)
    Conflicts are a natural and important part of life.


We also support you with:

  • Effective (exam) time management
  • Motivation and concentration techniques
  • Tips and tricks for organising your studies
  • B.A./M.A. work processes
  • Crisis intervention for the upcoming third attempt at a written exam
  • Further steps
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