What is the Queer Unit?

We organise events, want to be contact persons, provide a space for queer people, ensure their visibility, and represent their interests. We also network with local groups and other gay/lesbian/trans*/queer units from other universities. We stand up for the interests of all gay/lesbian/trans*/queer students and try to address many areas of marginalized life, such as lesbian, gay, trans* and inter’ from different perspectives, and actively fight against heteronormative structures.

Feel free to contact us with ideas, event suggestions, or if you need help!

By queer, we mean sexual and gender diversity. All people should have the possibility to freely live their gender, sexuality, and idea of life. In society, normative ideas are often taken for granted without being questioned, although they do not necessarily correspond to the realities for all people, which is why those affected are often subject to discrimination. The term queer can thus be summarised as a collective term for alternative identities and/or ideas of life. People who feel connected to this issue and question the norms and discrimination mentioned above often call themselves queer.

We also believe that the term can, therefore, be used by heterosexuals and does not refer exclusively to gays and lesbians. The important thing is: queer is a self-designation!

Where to find us?

Building 5, 1st floor


AStA Frankfurt UAS
Kleiststraße 5
60318 Frankfurt am Main

+49 69 1533-3262