The Senate of the  Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

The Senate advises in matters of research, teaching, and study that affect the entire university or are of fundamental importance. It supervises the management of the Presidium.


The Senate consists of 17 members:

Group of Professors 9 Members
Group of Students 5 Members
Group of Administrative-Technical Employees 2 Members
Group of Research Assistants 1 Member

Commissions of the Senate

The Senate currently sends members to the following commissions:

  • Statutes’ Commission
  • Senate Commission on Studies and Teaching
  • Senate Commission on Research and Development
  • Senate Commission on Development Strategy and Budget
  • Central Procurement Commission

Members in an advisory capacity:

Women’s Representative
A representative of the Severely Disabled
General Students’ Committee and Staff Council.
The Senate is chaired by the President.

Session dates in the Winter semester 2020-21 (Resolution SB-A 123)

Deadlines for agenda contribution to the committee office in brackets.


The meetings take place from 2:15 pm to 6 pm in building 2, room 580.

Astrid Wollmann
Committee Office
Building 2, Room 573

 (069) 1533 24 06