Student Council 1

Architecture | Civil Engineering | Geomatics

On engagement for you…

We, the Student Council (Fachschaft) 1, are the student representatives of the Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geomatics. Our task is the representation of the students in the official committees. We also provide help with questions and problems you might encounter.

Come Over…

We always have a ready ear for all of your concerns. You are always welcome to stop by and get involved. We hold regular student council meetings.

Apart from the meetings, we are regularly present for you in our room, of which you can find the opening hours (including locker allocation) printed in the letter on our door. Feel free to stop by and pick up old exams to better prepare for your upcoming exams. It goes without saying that we will continue to be there whenever the door is open.

Talk to us…

You can speak to us at any time and anywhere.

Write to us…

If you have a problem, you can also write to us.

Student Council (Fachschaft) 1
Building 9 | Room 10

+49 69 1533-2327