Student Council 2

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As a student of Faculty 2 you automatically belong to Student Council (Fachschaft) 2, but the term is usually used for students elected to the Student Council Representatives. Furthermore, the premises of the Student Council Representatives, located in building 8, room 8c, are also referred to as “the Fachschaft”.

The Student Council Representative represents your interests in the various committees of the university. It provides learning materials and organises numerous events both to enrich campus life and culture, e.g. the URKNALL party, the second-largest event on campus, or for educational purposes such as free information workshops.

The student council is always looking for committed helpers who want to get to know the university not just as a workplace, but as space where you can make a difference and develop as a person as well as collectively with other students. Participation in student council projects is an excellent opportunity to acquire organisational and project management skills in real-life situations with and from other students, in addition to so-called soft & social skills.

There is a public council meeting in building 8, room 8c every second Wednesday starting at 6 pm to which you are cordially invited.


Do you want to get involved? Do you have problems or questions? Please contact us at or during the lunch break on weekdays from 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm in building 8, room 8c.

Student Council (Fachschaft 2)

Building 8 | Room 8
+49 69 1533-2023