We are a committee of the student body, which as an executive body takes care of the current day-to-day business of the student body and implements the decisions of the student-parliaments (StuPa).

The AStA is elected by the student parliament and consists of four board members as well as a number of speakers who are appointed by the board members for different areas of responsibility. The Hessian Higher Education Act stipulates that we are committed to you in higher education policy as well as social and cultural matters. We represent the student’s interests towards the university and the public.

In addition to representing the interests of students, our main task is to advise and support them. For that purpose we offer consultation hours on social topics (study funding, studying parents, housing, etc.) or on questions of mobility (semester ticket), examination and study regulations as well as on many other topics that we present to you in detail on the following pages. In addition, we organize cultural events such as semester opening parties, the summer party, and cultural interactions which are planned and accompanied by the speakers.

Join the AStA!

Anyone who studies at the Frankfurt UAS can become a member of the AStA and thus actively participate socially and creatively in shaping student life at the university. You will find us centrally located in the middle of the campus (red building), between building 1 and the cafeteria. There you will find our offices and the AStA Shop on the upper floors. Our PR team also provides you with event tips and news via our homepage and Facebook page on a regular basis. We are open to your suggestions and ideas on how to make campus life more colorful and look forward to your visit.

The AStA Service-Point

Our AStA Service Point Team is our “control center” and therefore one of the most important contact points. Our team can help you directly with small questions or refer you to one of our experts, i.e. speakers. Quick answers without long waiting times are the challenges the team masters every day a new.

The AStA Service Point is also indispensable for internal organization, e.g. when events are organized by several speakers, coordination is carried out by the team. Our mail and email communication also converge here. The AStA Service Point is regularly open for you. Find the opening hours on our homepage. We are always happy to see you in person, otherwise, the team is also available for you via mail.


As the premises of the AStA are not barrier-free at the moment, we offer general consultations/contact or consultations within the framework of the units in alternative barrier-free rooms upon request.

Where to find us?

Building 5 (Red House), 1st floor


AStA Frankfurt UAS
Kleiststraße 5
60318 Frankfurt am Main

 +49 69 1533-3262

Opening Hours (Service Point)
Monday Geschlossen
Tuesday 11:00 – 14:00
Wednesday Geschlossen
Thursday Geschlossen
Friday 11:00 – 15:00
Saturday Geschlossen
Sunday Geschlossen